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Individual Counselling. Kate2022

Individual counselling and psychotherapy online via Zoom, Skype and the phone. Helping you build a relationship with yourself where you have self-trust, self-confidence, self-esteem and self-worth.

Counselling and psychotherapy really can change HOW YOU LIVE and help you interact with yourself, and your life, in a more beneficial way for you.

What you have learnt is possible to unlearn and the way you may be engaging in life today may not be getting you the results you want which is why you find yourself here. Together we will work on you having a more positive impact on you. Imagine... a life where you get out of bed infused and energised as opposed to being filled with dread and despair.

We all have so much potential and I would love the opportunity for you to contact me and for us to work together in helping you to untangle you to get you the life you really want today.

Individual Counselling. Untangle

Your reasons for being here may include.......

  • family, friend or work issues
  • challenges accepting others, i.e. siblings, parents, step(s)
  • feeling taken advantage of
  • the impact of trauma / loss (historical or current)
  • feelings of withdrawal or avoidance
  • worry your partner has lost interest
  • bottling emotions up, i.e. anger, rage, shame, dissatisfaction
  • contemplating breaking up with your partner
  • feeling your needs are not being met
  • a sense of hopeless / powerless
  • loss of direction or feel you are at a crossroads
  • experiencing trust issues, jealousy or suspicion
  • feeling unheard
  • fear of saying the wrong thing
  • feeling overwhelmed / stressed with life
  • awareness of unhelpful patterns
  • feel at disease within yourself
  • not feeling enough
  • experience of a recent life event, i.e. separation, divorce, bereaved
  • a loud inner self-critic and you are fed up
  • experiencing physical, emotional or domestic abuse
  • feeling low / depressed and have lost interest in yourself and/or others
  • addiction issues, i.e. alcohol, food
  • feeling over-responsible getting you down
  • low self-confidence / self-esteem
  • ageing issues / menopause
  • feeling unattractive
  • perfectionism getting in the way
  • ‘keeping up with Jones’ syndrome
  • childhood issues
  • attachment wounds
  • suicidal thoughts
  • loss of purpose, i.e. retirement, change of role
  • feeling isolated or lonely
    negative patterns playing out
  • unable to regulate feelings
  • self-critic rather than self-acceptance
  • a.n.other

    The fact there are so many variables here is important to acknowledge; you are human and you may find that what troubles you does not trouble others and vice versa.

    What is important for you to know is you DO have coping skills as you are alive. However, the fact you are here means that you are facing a challenge in how you are living and are not currently contented and together we can work on you becoming that.

  • Contact

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    Please click here to contact me and include the appointment time you are enquiring about.

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    Text / WhatsApp / Telephone Contact

    Contact 07941 305511 to make an appointment.

    Please leave a message and I will get back to you as soon as I am able.

    Note that if your telephone number is unfamiliar to me, and you do not leave a message, I will not call you back as I am unaware of your individual situation.

    I confirm that both my email account and voicemail are password protected and only accessible by me.

    Not ready yet?

    That is absolutely ok yet there is a saying 'nothing changes if nothing changes' so only by being brave and courageous will you experience change. I am happy to be alongside you why you transition.

    Please know I work in Private Practice Monday - Thursday and I will get back to you within these times.

    A quote for reflection....

    'When you carry around anger, resentment, guilt or shame, it hurts your own happiness, health and your relationship with yourself'.
    Kate, Relationship Counselling Online

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